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Projekt: A search behind appearances

Bulk board logo research
KLM logo dessins and patterns
Overview of class dividers from old to final versions
The bead curtain-inspired divider seen by illustrator Dorothée Billard
Detail of the class divider fabric design
Illustration by Dorothée Billard
Detail of the class divider flat fabric design
Final KLM colour palette
work in progress, visualisation
Detail of the fabric colours
Colour proposal by Gerrit Rietveld in the 50's, from the archives of KLM
Final seat colour selection
Full flat chair final design KLM
Full flat chair, final design by night KLM
Full flat chair, final design side view KLM
3D rendering of the final chair look, side view
Diamond chair scale model
Technical data and models during the work in progress
Plan view of the diamond seat within the cabin
Selected fabric designs for the seat covers
3D rendering of the final chair look, front view
Carpet pattern detail
Final carpet design detail ©KLM
From old to new. Carpet samples
The story of the carpet.
Stewardesse sitting on a stack of old uniforms re-used for the carpet
Dotted network, graphic research
Carpet inspiration by Dorothee Billard
Carpet design with four types of wool
Final carpet design with the full flat chairs
The Penguin prop manual, step 1
The Penguin prop manual, step 2
The Penguin prop manual, step 3
The Penguin prop
Penguin work in progress
necessary tools to create the prop
Knotted pearls, ©DR Galerie kreo
Knotted pearls early prototype
Wearing knotted pearls
Knotted pearls at "autour du cou" exhibition, ©DR Galerie kreo
The original design on paper
Trouble-shooting: this sample shows an identified flaw (black lines), which needed to be removed from the final textile.
Colour try-out, representing the colour grid pattern used in the textile.
The final design.
Detail showing a more clearly colour-blocked solution.
The design broken into separate elements.
The final design
A further sample, showing additional modification, clarifying the design
Initial sketch for the design of Colorwheel.
The finished fabric, detail
Samples of yarns and fabric showing different try-outs for colour variation
An overview of the initial designs for Hours, showing its inspiration in the coats of sheep
Hours, sample
The finished fabric
Hours, production process
Hours, sample
Hours, night detail
The finished fabric
British sheep breed wearing the wool used to produce Hours
daylight clay colourwheel
the installation at the NAI Daringdesign exhibition
detail of the red shades and selected hours
detail of the light shades
detail of the clay daylight colourwheel
detail of the blue shades
paint chip samples of the 25 different shades of green
new options for industrial paint, shades of green
paint chip detail
HLL Colourful Blacks Packaging
HLL Colourful Blacks Packaging 2
Colourful Blacks hll 39- noir ombre naturel 85 hll 40- noir ombre naturel 90
Misfit Exhibition walls painted with HLL Colourful Blacks
Misfit Exhibition walls painted with HLL Colourful Blacks
HLL Colours - Colourful Blacks
Colourful Blacks hll 47- noir turquoise 90 hll 48- noir turquoise 85
production of the coloured vases at Royal Tichelaar Makkum
whites and oranges
300 coloured vases
whites and oranges
production of the coloured vases at Royal Tichelaar Makkum
colour samples
coloured vase no.120
exhibition view with Coloured Vases series 3
exhibition view whites
exhibition view multicolour and red
exhibition view greens
exhibition Coloured Vases series 3
Misfit exhibition flyer
Exhibition view from the Hall
Borders Design sketch
Borders Walnut, detail
Borders Greige, detail
Borders sample #11
Borders Charcoal, detail
Borders production process, embroidery on Natural colour
Borders Walnut, detail
Borders Natural, detail
Misfit p. 70/71
Misfit p. 102/103
Misfit p. 154/155
Misfit p. 206/207
Misfit p. 214/215
Misfit p. 220/221
Misfit p.196/197
Misfit p. 132/133
Bob Garden Club Chair, back view
Scale models
Bob Garden Club Chair, profile view
Scale model
Scale model
Colour scheme
Colour Lab Coloured ‘pastilles’
Colour samples
Colour circle quilt
Rotating cubes
Wood sticks wrapped with different materials
Pile of textile samples
Detail of the Red White Vase Quilt
Empty cupboard
Cupboard total
shanghai, overview of the exhibition
Cupboard side view
Unpacking the coloured vases
Vases in cupboard
Six compartments
Imar models
Peu models
A tribute to Camper
Pelotas models
A tribute to Camper
Hella at Camper
Artificial Flowers Green
Artificial Flowers on table
Artificial Flowers Pink
Top view
Close up back
Model made of textile
Close up Head
Turtle table
Chicle longneck bottles
Chicle project
Chicle product
Chicle vase process
Chicle vase detail
Chicle raw material
Chicle shape research
Chicle delft blue vase
Layers on Nike pair
Nike Layers side
Layers on Nike, detail
Frog Table sketch
Early sketch of the frog table
Frog Table
Frog Table model
Frog Table, detail
Production with Hella
Ikea PS Gullspira
Pelle Prototype
Ikea PS Gullspira Women at work
Ikea PS Pelle sketch
Detail of first prototype for Kreo Galeries
Sketch of first prototype at Galerie Kreo
First prototype for Kreo Galeries
Detail of drawer first prototype for Kreo Galeries
Rotterdam Chair white
Group of Rotterdam Chairs
Processing of the Rotterdam chair
Arian working on a first model of the chair
Prototypes in the studio
Rotterdam Chair black and pink
sketch with different color combinations
Rotterdam Chair front pink
Flower pyramid
Flower pyramid, model of the handle
sketch with perforated parts
working on a model of the handle in the workshop
test for the new pattern
Shippo Plates Sketch with bird and hare
Shippo Plates The complete series of five copper and enamel plates
Shippo Plates Copperdots
Shippo Plates Silverhare
Shippo Plates Sketch with ‘punching’ test
Shippo Plates Working on the design in the enamel factory
Shippo Plates The copper plates
Shippo Plates The enamel factory in Japan
Plate red
Carafe blue-grey
Stacked Coloured B-set
The complete Coloured B-Set series
Pink set
Plate green
Office Pets Sketch with color samples of leather
Office Pets Sketch
Office Pets Complete series
Office Pets
Office Pets
Hella with office pets
Models for Frog table and Office pets
Office Pets Detail of the leg
Office Pets Detail
Coloured Vases 2nd series
Coloured Vases 2nd series
Coloured Vases 2nd series
Backpack Sofa Detail
Backpack Sofa
Backpack Sofa
Backpack Stool
Backpack Sofa Small models in front of upholstered backrest
Backpack Sofa small scale model
Backpack Stool Detail
Colour range
Assembling of the giant cupboard
Inside colours sketch
Selection process
Hella arranging the furniture
Hella selecting colours
Winter - Candle Holder
Fall - Pitcher
Four Seasons Tea cosy model
Summer - Tea Cosy
Detail Tea Cosy
Research in the Nymphenburg’s archive
Spring - Mirror
Miroirs Animaux Rhinoceros open
Miroirs Animaux Rhinoceros
Miroirs Animaux Rhinoceros
Miroirs Animaux Rhinoceros
Miroirs Animaux Fennec open
Miroirs Animaux Fennec
Miroirs Animaux cardboard model
Miroirs Animaux Model with hinges
Miroirs Animaux model
Porcupine Desk Green with pencils
Porcupine Desk, illustration on table top
Porcupine Desk, brown
Porcupine Desk, brown, with pencils
Porcupine Desk prototype
Complete Props series
Detail of the Dragonfly spoon
Props Bird jug, unfinished
Props Snail Model out of Cardboard
Porcelain Colour Research on small B-Set plates
Porcelain color research, small plates piled up
Porcelain colour research, small bowls piled up
Porcelain Colour Research B-Set bowls
Soft Urn, Long Neck and Groove Bottles, Non-Temporary
Solo exhibition overview
Paravents (right in the front)
Polder sofa
HH Style Gallery Tokyo
Window of HH Style Gallery, Tokyo
Sketches of the bronze wheel
Models of the Lampshades
Blossom Ceiling Light Green
Blossom Ceiling Lights
Blossom Ceiling Lights Process
Blossom Ceiling Light Brown
Blossom Ceiling Light Orange
Hollandse Meesters Exhibition, Singer Museum Laren
Detail process
Hollandse Meesters Exhibition, Singer Museum Laren
The Worker Sofa
The Worker Sofa
The Worker Sofa, back
The Worker Sofa, detail
Layers Vineyard small in ochre-white
Layers Garden Double in earth-chocolate-coral
Layers Park Double in sienna-ginger-rose
Layers Vineyard Sample stitch red
Layers Samples piled up in cupboard
Layers One of the early samples
Layers Sample detail
Jackpot Vases Process
Layers Medal Process
Layers Exhibition One of the huge copper medals for the Jackpots
Hella modelling the Jackpot Vases
Bedstee with Quilted Vase
Layers Backpack Stool
Layers on Polder Sofa (with Jackpot Vase and Quilted Vases)
Bonanza Jug Bronze Stopper
Jackpot Vase in cabinet
Beads and Pieces Making a handle for the jug
Beads and Pieces Detail Bowls
Beads and Pieces
Beads and Pieces Model for the jug with beaded handle
Beads and Pieces Medium Bowl
Beads and Pieces Large Bowl
Beads and Pieces, bottle
Switch Detail
Heights adjustement
Blossom Standing Light
Blossom Standing Light
Blossom Standing Light
The Worker, brown, side
The worker sketch club red
The Worker, brown
The Worker, model
The Worker, brown, back
The Worker, red, profile
The Worker, small scale model
The Worker, small scale model
Jonsberg Close-up of the black and pink vase
Jonsberg Close-up
Jonsberg Series
Ikea PS Jonsberg Hella working on the shape of the vase
Ikea PS Jonsberg Production
Ikea PS Jonsberg Sketches
Paravents sketch
Paravents # 4
Detail of Paravents scale model
Paravents overview
Paravents # 5
Detail of Paravents scale model
Paravents # 2
Layers Detail of samples
Bead Bulbs with Cupboards at Galerie Kreo
Bead Bulb Green
Bead Bulb Model
Bead Bulb Brown
Bead Bulb Pink
Bead Bulb Model
Cupboards with Bead Bulbs at Galerie Kreo
Talk with Hella
Paravents with Fawn
Sew me
Knitted bottles
Repeat in the garden
Villa Noailles, Hyère
Non-Temporary Large vase
Non-Temporary model
Non-Temporary Large PLate Green
Non-Temporary Notes from a factory man
Bowls without decoration
Show pieces
Bowls and plates with blue decoration
Non-Temporary, sketches of the decoration
Non-Temporary Large bowl with blue majolica decoration

A search behind appearances

The shadow play ‘A search behind appearances’ reflects on the state of affairs in design and prompts a consideration of the meanings which hide behind an object’s look. The installation commissioned by the Serpentine Galleries and presented at la Rinascente department store in Milan during the 2016 Milan Design Week, is a continuation of Hella Jongerius and Louise Schouwenberg’s collaboration on the manifest ‘Beyond the New’ (2015). A search behind appearances proposes to move beyond commercial success, beyond style differences, and beyond personal taste. The windows of La Rinascente present an interplay of small machines, fabrics and well-orchestrated shadows, which gaily mirror the world of design and suggest criteria for estimating and understanding a design’s cultural value.

A press box with images, texts and gifs of the project can be downloaded here.

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