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Hella Jongerius and a perfect misfit

‘Innovation is the highest priority’
In this video published by Phaidon Press, Hella Jongerius explains the meaning of ‘misfit’ (the name of the book below) and her approach to design, her method of working and the idea that even with industrially produced objects - the emphasis should be on craft, with the hand of the maker visible.

new book: Hella Jongerius - Misfit

new book: Hella Jongerius - Misfit

Dutch designer Hella Jongerius (b.1963) is one of the most individual and influential product designers working today. In January Phaidon Press will launch a new monograph Hella Jongerius: Misfit celebrating the designer’s eclectic work. A major exhibition of the same name, displaying a range of Jongerius’ remarkable products, will also be on show at the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam (13 November 2010 – 13 February 2011).

The designer’s unique aesthetic has often been described as a fusion of opposites; manufacturing and craft; high and low tech; traditional and contemporary. Materials are brought together in unusual and often contradictory ways, creating works that are extremely textural and beg to be touched: rough edged leather is rolled to create wheels; paint is dripped messily onto earthenware; ceramics are sewn onto cotton table cloths; vases are soft and sinks are made from rubber.

The title of both book and exhibition allude to Jongerius’ belief that quality craftsmanship is indistinguishable in perfect, industrial products, and is only present in the ‘misfits’, their imperfections betraying the process and the hand of the maker. Jongerius pioneered the reintroduction of craftsmanship in contemporary design. By incorporating crafted individuality into the industrial manufacturing process she has succeeded in creating eclectic pieces which play on consumers’ expectations of style and function.

Created in close collaboration with Jongerius, the monograph exhibits all of her work to date. The book features the main text, consisting of four hypothetical conversations between Jongerius and author Louise Schouwenberg (a Dutch writer, curator and Associate Professor of Design Theory at Design Academy Eindhoven), which discusses Jongerius’ working methods, disillusion with the perfection of much industrial product design, and the development of her key designs. Two essays by contemporary design experts Alice Rawsthorn and Paola Antonelli further contextualise Jongerius’ work.

The breadth of detail, along with the striking imagery ensures Hella Jongerius: Misfit is the ultimate insight into one of the most creative product designers working today. The extraordinary book was designed by the wellknown Dutch graphic designer Irma Boom.

Title information
Title: Hella Jongerius - Misfit
Texts: Louise Schouwenberg (editor), Alice Rawsthorn, Paola Antonelli
Graphic Design: Irma Boom Office / Irma Boom and Sanne van de Goor
ISBN : 9780714859873
Extent: 308 pp
Retail Price: £29.95 / € 39.95
Publication Date: January 2011

first book: Hella Jongerius

first book: Hella Jongerius

Hella Jongerius – the first book on a young, highly talented designer with a burgeoning career and rave reviews in the international press. Curators describe Jongerius as ‘a unique talent who has no rivals’ (MoMA design curator Paola Antonelli); and ‘one of the most significant designers in the world today’ (Aaron Betsky, head of the Netherlands Architecture Institute). A book that captures the ‘next wave’ of product design, introducing a leading figurer in the new generation of designers of the 21st century.

Title information
Hella Jongerius, text by Louise Schouwenberg
Published: July 2003 UK only – September 2003 elsewhere
Illustrations: approx. 250 colour, 40 b&w
Price: £24.94 / € 39.95
Extend: 245x210mm – 152 pages Hardback
ISBN: 0 7148 4305 9

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